Extracto de una entrevista a Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital.

12:26pm – You’re a lot nicer about cellphone carriers than you were last time I saw you.

Cingular bent and broke a lot of rules, this was an all new deal for them… Apple apparently has a lot of respect for Cingular’s trust on Apple. “Cingular invested in us, and likewise we took a gamble on them. I will never forget that.”

12:27pm – Why do you think they did it?

They did it for two reasons: first is because music on phones hasn’t been successful so far, they wanted to do something good with music on phones. The second reason is more profound: they have spent and are spending a fortune to build these 3G networks, and so far there ain’t a lot to do with them. People haven’t voted with their pocketbooks to sign up for video on their phones. These phones aren’t capable of taking advantage of it. Youv’e used the internet on your phone, it’s terrible! You get the baby internet, or the mobile internet — people want the REAL internet on their phone. We are going to deliver that. We’re going to take advantage of some of these investments in bandwidth.

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